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Random questions

  • What is Islam's viewpoint regarding reincarnation?
    8741 Traditional
    A few centuries back in India a theory known as "reincarnation" was developed concerning the consecutive return of souls to this world after death. During the ages this theory was gradually taken into serious consideration by people all around the world and even became, for some, a part ...
  • Which of the prophets are still alive?
    Dear User, Allamah Tabatabai (RA) interpreting the verse 65 of Surah al-Kahf (Then they found one from among Our servants whom We had granted mercy from Us and whom We had taught knowledge from Ourselves[1]) appertained to Prophet Moses (AS) and Prophet Khidr (AS) quotes narrations ...
  • What is the Islamic law about being Kathir al-Shak?
    8246 Laws and Jurisprudence
    Undoubtedly, excessive and constant doubt which makes a person obsessive is the temptation of Shaitan (Satan) who wants God's servants to become tired and lethargic towards worshipping God and finally despair of Allah's mercy. The best solution to these doubts is to pay no heed to them.Also, if a ...
  • Doesn’t the occultation of the twelfth imam undermine the whole concept of "imamate"?
    4262 Traditional
    Since the question is vague and general, without specifying which dimension of the concept of imamate the occultation of Imam Mahdi (aj) contradicts, we will have to list some of the imam's major responsibilities and see if there actually is any contradiction or not.Imamate, which is the continuation ...
  • Why do the Shia pray with open hands while the Sunnis pray with their hands closed? How would the holy prophet of Islam pray? Are there any hadiths on this subject?
    29644 Laws and Jurisprudence
    Because of the many hadiths they have regarding this matter, the Shia pray with open hands in order to have followed the tradition of the holy prophet (pbuh) and the imams (as). These hadiths express that the prophet (pbuh) and the imams (as) would pray with their hands open ...
  • Is it permissible to invest in non-Muslim countries?
    4042 Laws and Jurisprudence
    In response to your inquiry, the grand Ayatullah Khamenei says: “Investing in the banks of countries with non-Islamic governments is permissible per se, given that it doesn’t strengthen them politically and economically such that they will use it against Muslims and Islam, and in ...
  • Can you please give me a hadith about the limits of hijab for a woman?
    10210 Laws and Jurisprudence
              In ayah 31 of sura Nur, and in many traditions, the limitations of hijab have been made this ayah Allah states: And tell the faithful women to cast down their looks and to guard their private parts, ...
  • Is it true that one shouldn’t pray for oneself on Ashura?
    3462 Practical
    Dua and supplication are the needful connection between the servant and his Lord for the fulfillment of worldly and otherworldly needs. Dua for oneself and others is always something good and entails great blessings.Praying for oneself on Ashura is okay, as ...
  • Can a Muslim male marry a Christian female without his parents consent?
    5066 Laws and Jurisprudence
    Dear Brother,Assalam alaikum wa rahmatullahWe thank you for contacting us and pray for your prosperity and success in all aspects of your life.You must be praised for your attentiveness in religious affairs and wanting to solve your family issues through guidance of Islam and to seek solutions from ...
  • How is it possible to see the messenger of Allah (s) in one’s dreams?
    5184 Practical
    Supplications and actions have been mentioned in Mifātīh al-Jinān for seeing divine people in one’s dreams, but it must be noted that these actions are not sufficient in and of themselves for seeing the desired person. What is meant is that it is not ...