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Questions Archive (Thematic Category:توحیدشناسی)

Random questions

  • How can we differentiate between a divine test and a divine punishment?
    8941 ثواب و عقاب
    Some of the calamities and hardship we endure in our lives are definitely a part of divine trial and tribulations that are aimed to make us choose our path and adopt our strategy and position against them.  Adopting a position will, in turn, lead to the ...
  • What is meant by the Makr of Allah that has been mentioned in the Quran?
    9194 Exegesis
    “Makr” means to devise for good or evil and this is why it is described by the word “السَّیئ” (bad/evil) in the Quran.Allah’s Makr: The many verses that attribute “Makr” to Allah refer to his supreme direction and regulation of matters.  Since he is the ...
  • What do the separate letters (Huruf Muqatta’ah) in the Quran mean?
    13727 Quranic Studies
    The ‘Huruf Muqatta’ah’ are the separate letters located in the beginning of some surahs of the Quran that have no independent meaning. There are different viewpoints regarding these letters; the best one being that they are a secret between the prophet (pbuh) and Allah (swt) that only the ...
  • are the reasons that prove the Quran has not been altered?
    7319 Traditional
    The distortion of the Quran has a broad meaning that covers all possible changes, whether it’s the adding of words, omitting of words, changing the combination of the words or changing the combination of different phrases. Muslim Scholars have mentioned several reasons that prove the Quran has not ...
  • Is it Haram to steal something back from someone who has already stolen it from you?
    4685 حقوق مادی
    There is no problem if you believe the object is the one that has been stolen from you and you are not able to take it back legally and peacefully, but it should be done with no mischief. Appendix: The grand jurisprudent’s verdict in this regard is ...
  • Do prophets bear all virtues and perfection, or do they pass some stages in this world as well?
    4210 Modern
    The infallibles, the prophets and imams, are all human just like everyone else, without any difference from this point of view and this is something that the Quran points to as well.Therefore, it isn't possible for them to be born into this world bearing all virtues and ...
  • Why is polygamy permissible for men in Islam, yet impermissible for women?
    5753 Philosophy of Religion and Law
    Before Islam, polygamy was considered normal and lacked any rules or limitations. As one of man’s essential needs, Islam has limited it, giving it specific conditions and terms. Islamic laws are all based on true needs and the benefit of society as a whole. The following needs are ...
  • How to cure our psychological obsession?
    3253 دستور العمل ها
    Apart from the infallibles, other people might, at times, experience ebbs and flows, ups and downs in their beliefs and conviction. Thus they might doubt the existence of God or the genuineness of a divine injunction or start having disorders in their practices but they get back ...
  • What are the effects of casting lustful look at immodest women and girls and how is one's life affected by it?
    5358 Practical
    Generally speaking, your detesting and despising of the girls' wearing immodest dress are very good and praiseworthy. Every mature and sane individual is answerable to his own deeds because he has been created free. The girls' wearing immodest dress does not become a license for people to look at them ...
  • Who is God and how is it possible to prove His existence?
    5863 Traditional
    God, the Exalted, is the absolute being and perfection. There is no deficiency or imperfection in Him. He is unique and has the power to do everything. He has knowledge of everything at all times and places. He is All-Hearing and "Seeing". He has will power and ...