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Random questions

  • What kind of a book is the Quran?
    5090 شیعه و قرآن
    The Holy Quran is a heavenly book revealed for the guidance of mankind. It was sent down on the heart of the Last of Prophets, Muhammad b. Abdullah, peace be upon him and his descendants. The Quran, which is the eternal miracle of the Prophet of Islam ...
  • What are the financial resources of religious seminaries and where they get their funds from?
    4290 System
    Shia clerics and seminaries are proud of being financially independent. The seminaries ‘budget comes from religious dues (Khums, endowments, charities, grants, etc.) paid by the faithful. Some clerics are in a good financial position, so they do not need to receive monthly allowances or what is known ...
  • Is it permissible to step or walk on graves? Is there a penalty in Islam for such an act?
    4082 Laws and Jurisprudence
    The office of the Grand Ayatullah Sistani:It is famous (amongst the scholars) that such an act is makruh (yet permissible and of no penalty). ...
  • How can one create harmony between religion and science?
    5292 Philosophy of Religion
    Those who consider religion and science as two separate ways aren’t truly familiar with divine religions particularly Islam and haven’t paid attention to the fact that the two are of completely different responsibilities that have nothing in common.Religion is of three parts; man’s relationship with himself, man’s relationship ...
  • Where are the cities of Jabalqa and Jabarsa located?
    8328 تاريخ بزرگان
    The names of these two cities haven't been related in any of the authentic Shia sources (Kafi, Tahzib, Man La Yahdhuruhul-Faqih, Istibsar), but from the other sources that they have been mentioned in, assuming the reliability of these hadiths, it can be concluded that these two cities are ...
  • Why do Muslims slaughter sheep and other animals in their religious gatherings?
    13204 Philosophy of Religion and Law
    Man is the loftiest of creatures and God has created everything else in the world, including animals, for him so that he can benefit from them (use their meat, a means of transportation, etc.). Slaughtering animals on happy occasions and religious gatherings has been encouraged by religious ...
  • Is there any tradition (hadith) regarding octopus?
    4975 دیگر آبزیان
    We haven’t found any tradition in which using octopus as food be considered impermissible. However, we can infer this forbidden from other traditions (ahadith) in which the main rules have been stated in this regards. This means, any types of marine animals which haven’t scale are being ...
  • What is the relationship between the soul and body?
    13359 Islamic Philosophy
    Regarding the link and relationship between the soul and body, one must say that the body is one of the several degrees of the soul and spirit, resulting in the body being located in the soul and spirit, not the spirit and soul being trapped in the body, ...
  • Where does the domino effect of mutanajjis items stop?
    7172 انتقال نجاست
    Grand Aytollah Khamenei's view about a mutanajjis (an item which has come into contact with an essential impurity) as to how many intermediaries are required in the number of transmission of impurity in order for us to consider something as either impure or impure, is as under: ...
  • Has the Quran solved all the problems people face in their lives?
    10627 Modern
    We believe that the Quran enjoys comprehensiveness and is capable of solving all problems of people's lives, but such a claim does not mean we should expect the Quran to solve everything, even the problems of physics, etc.