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Random questions

  • What causes jello to become haram or halal?
    11089 Laws and Jurisprudence
    There exists different types of jello; some are deemed halal, others haram. The criterion which classifies jello as being either halal or haram to consume, is that of its initial ingredients. Assuming the latter are all ‘herbal’, all jello types – domestic/foreign – are halal and permissible to consume. However, ...
  • Do the descendants of the Prophet have to pay khums?
    3630 Laws and Jurisprudence
    If one acquires wealth through business or industry or any other means, in the case of the wealth exceeding his and his household’s yearly needs, he must then submit one fifth (khums) of the remaining wealth to a qualified mujtahid, or spend that amount in a way that ...
  • What is the ruling on shaving the legs for men?
    3785 Laws and Jurisprudence
    Except for the beard, which is haram to shave (obligatory precaution),[1] not only is it permissible to remove the hairs of the body such as the armpits, but it is mustahabb[2] in Islam, and has been ...
  • Why is the grave of Lady Fatimah (as) still concealed, while Imam Ali’s (as) has been revealed?
    4262 Traditional
    The reason for why the grave of Imam Ali (as) was concealed for a while was the fact that ignorant and abusive individuals who were enemies to him, would possibly disrespect his grave. Later on though, after time had passed and the abovementioned individuals had passed away, in ...
  • Are we allowed to offer Tarawih prayer under Taqiyya?
    2058 Laws and Jurisprudence
    According to the Holy Quran, ahadith and Shia and Sunni, Taqiyyah is rational and one of the ways by which we can keep our religion safe. The Holy Quran has approved Ammar Yaser’ taqiyya that he used it against unbelievers. The Quran also cited the Taqiyyah of ...
  • What is the commentary or exegesis of verses 97 to 99 of Surah al-Nisa?
    5249 Exegesis
    Commentators and exegetes of the Holy Quran have said about the occasion in which verse 97 of Surah al-Nisa was revealed[1] that a number of Muslims had apparently pronounced the Shahadatain (Two Testimonies) despite the fact that they had the ability to migrate from ...
  • Is it a must that the trousers must not pass the ankle?
    3713 فضایل اخلاقی
    There is a chapter in Kulayni’s Al-Kafi titled “Tashmir al-Theyab” in which it has been pointed out that it is preferred that the clothe a person wears should not be so long to be dragged on earth. However, despite that, we must not neglect the elements ...
  • What is Shia’s view about caliphate and successorship to the Holy Prophet (s)?
    7446 Traditional
    According to Shia: 1. Caliphate or successorship to the Holy Prophet (s) is divinely appointed and that at God’s order the Prophet, many a time, introduced Ali (a.s.) as his successor. 2. The successors of the Prophet (s) are twelve immaculate Imams or ...
  • Is Fadak Sermon of Lady Fatima Zahra in Muhammad bin Jarir Tabari’s ‘Dalael al-Imamah’ authentic?
    6272 فدک
    In Mohammad bin Jarir Tabari’s Dalael al-Imamah different chains of transmission have been mentioned for Hazrat Fatima Zahra’s Fadak Sermon. This sermon has been narrated in various books authored by early Muslim scholars. The sermon is so famous and widely known that it is impossible to refute ...
  • What do Jews say about the coming of the Promised Messiah?
    3408 Traditional
    Similar to other faiths and people, the Jews definitely believe in the coming of a savior at the end of time. In the current Torah, there are many glad tidings of the coming of a universal reformer. In the Psalms of David, among the books of the Old ...