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معقول ثانی

Random questions

  • Who are the Magi?
    7338 Traditional
    The term “Magus” which is used to denote the Zoroastrians in Arabic, derives from “Magoosh” or “Magoo” of the ancient Persian language. (The word Magic comes from this term). After entering the Arabic language, it changed to Magus. Zoroastrianism, which is the religion of ...
  • How divorce is granted?
    3777 طلاق
    1. Divorce is a one-sided contract (which is one of the unilateral obligations "iqa'at") and it is carried out by the husband unilaterally even though the woman may not consent to it." Therefore, a man can divorce his wife one-sidedly in accordance with the rules prescribed by ...
  • Please let me know in detail the beliefs of Zaidiyyah sect, especially the Houthis?
    6057 تاريخ کلام
    The Zaidiyyah or Zaidism is a sect which emerged in the eighth century out of Shi'a Islam. Zaidis are named after Zaid ibn Ali, the grandson of Husain ibn Ali. Although Zaid did not consider himself to be the imam after his father, his uprising to bring ...
  • Does asking about Islamic rulings require any expertise?
    3145 Practical
    The knowing and learning of Islamic rulings and teachings is classified into different degrees and categories depending on its depth and how substantial it is:1- A simple and minimal understanding and familiarity; like learning Islamic rulings and traditions and its practical, ...
  • Is God subjugated to natural laws?
    3504 Traditional
    Allah is the one who has set all natural laws, and the only thing He is under the influence of, is His own will. The one thing to keep in mind is that His will is that things take place through their natural causes. In addition to ...
  • By whom and how can teyyul-ard be achieved?
    3733 Practical
    Teyyul-ard denotes the quick transportation from one point to another in an instant. Teyyul-ard is something extraordinary and above normal human power, and is only possible for those who have total control over the chain of causes. The most important issue in this regard is ...
  • Is it necessary to get permission before eating something from its owner?
    3306 Laws and Jurisprudence
    According to Islam, it is clear that in addition to one’s food being halal (religiously edible) and pure (not najis), it also needs to be mubah, meaning that its owner must be happy and content with you eating it and that you have to ...
  • Is identification of individuals and personalities in Paradise and Hell possible?
    3644 Traditional
    In the Holy Book of the Quran, there are verses in witness of the conversation between the dwellers of Paradise and those of Hell, which briefly relate the possibility of information for the dwellers of Paradise about the condition and final position of the people of Hell. ...
  • What is the ruling on Stellate Sturgeon?
    5704 انواع ماهیان
    Those who are followers of Imam Khumayni (rah), can consume those fish they aren't sure have scales or not. As to those who follow scholars who believe it to be haram, they can still buy and sell the fish for purposes other than eating. Therefore, each person ...
  • What should a person do or what dua should he read in order for him to see a lost relative in his dream?
    12586 Quranic Studies
    In Al-Mesbah of Kaf'ami, there is an instruction about seeing dead relatives in your dream. The instruction is as under: "It has been mentioned in some books by Imamiyah scholars that if a person wishes to see a vision of the Prophet (s) or of the Imams (a.s) ...