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حکمت نظری و عملی

Random questions

  • Is the saying authentic that, "Satans are chained during the Holy Month of Ramadan”?
    2414 روش شناسی
    In some authentic traditional sources like Al-Kafi and Tahzib, a tradition has been mentioned regarding the blessings of the Holy Month of Ramadan from the Holy Prophet (PBUH) as follows, “When the Holy Month of Ramadan enters, the outcast Satans are chained." ...
  • What is religion?
    6574 Philosophy of Religion
    Many different viewpoints and details have been presented regarding the explanation of religion by Westerners. In the holy Quran, the word “din” (religion) has been used for two meanings: 1- Any type of belief in an unseen power, regardless of whether such a belief is right or not: ...
  • Is Arabic Allah's chosen language?
    15191 Quranic Studies
    Some of the Ahadith confirm Arabic being the Godly chosen language and regardless of the authenticity of these Ahadith we can consider its special features and ability to convey meanings and concepts as proof for such a matter. ...
  • What should a person do if he wishes to be firm and steadfast in his beliefs?
    3624 اسلام و ایمان
    To understand religion and acquire spiritual perfection, the period of youth is a golden and blessed opportunity. Our religious beliefs are not only about knowing and learning; in fact they have also more to do with practical wayfaring and self-reconstruction. However, the basis of beliefs is cognition ...
  • What are the narrations about rizq (sustenance) and what are the ways through which one can earn lawful sustenance? What duas are there for increasing rizq?
    3602 رزق
    Contrary to the common perception which restricts sustenance to its material manifestations, the term rizq (sustenance) has a more extensive meaning that includes all divine bounties irrespective of the bounties being material or spiritual. Nevertheless, there are some traditions which also refer exclusively to material sustenance which ...
  • Is it possible to get perfection through any religions other than Islam? What about attaining tawhid (belief in one God)?
    5588 Quran
    Although some facts can be seen with the existing religions in the world, the perfect form of truth which is belief in divine unity or one God exists in Islam. The most important reason is that other religions lack adequate documentation not to mention the existence of ...
  • What is meant by the Makr of Allah that has been mentioned in the Quran?
    9490 Exegesis
    “Makr” means to devise for good or evil and this is why it is described by the word “السَّیئ” (bad/evil) in the Quran.Allah’s Makr: The many verses that attribute “Makr” to Allah refer to his supreme direction and regulation of matters.  Since he is the ...
  • Can a person borrow money to go to hajj?
    6393 Laws and Jurisprudence
    This question can be answered in two parts:A) Hajj is one of the greatest worships that one can borrow money for, and there are hadiths by the infallibles regarding the permissibility of borrowing for it in hadith sources.[1]B) Another issue that arises here is that since ...
  • Can a soul or Jinn bother a human being?
    9531 Traditional
    We know very little about Jinns, but hadiths say that Jinns are responsible for their acts and have different beliefs, some are obedient towards Allah while others are not, the same as humans. Although Jinns are not clever, they do possess the power ...
  • What are the rules of reaching the age of menopause for a woman 49 years of age?
    3927 یائسگی
    All jurisprudence agrees that the blood which a woman sees after the age of 60 years is not classified as Hayd, though it might bear the signs of menstrual blood. As for the blood which women see after completion of 50 lunar years until 60, the rules ...