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Random questions

  • What is the ruling on cat hair?
    11324 Laws and Jurisprudence
    This question does not have a detailed answer ...
  • Is there such a hadith that says: "There will come a day that there will be 73 different Muslim sects"?
    6466 Contextual study
    The hadiths that relate to the Ummah's division have been cited and narrated through various chains of Sunni and Shia narrators.All of them have spoken of the division of the prophet’s ummah after him and ...
  • What is the most important message of Surah al-Masadd?
    8069 Exegesis
    The most important message of this Surah (chapter) can be explain in such a way that wealthy, position and family relationship with prophets cannot protect an individual from God’s wrath or fury. Abu Lahab is an example in this chapter of the Quran. He is one of ...
  • Was Ibn Arabi Shia or Sunni?
    13394 تاريخ بزرگان
    The complicated personality and his attitude towards different great personalities of different sects has made it difficult to determine what sect Ibn Arabi belonged to, thus there are different viewpoints on this issue. Some say he was Sunni, some say he was a twelve imamer Shia, some say ...
  • Is Khums payable on money which has been deposited free of interest only to be used in future for buying a house?
    5545 خمس پس انداز
    Supreme Leader, Grand Ayatollah Khamenei, may Allah grant him long life, says in response to the following question: There is a person who does not have a house of his own to live in. He has saved some money to buy a house or to buy his ...
  • What are the opinions of the Maraj'e in regard to using Qama in the past and in present time?
    7018 Laws and Jurisprudence
    Mourning for Imam Hossein has always been emphasized on by the Imams and Muslim scholars, and throughout history, there have always been gatherings in which people would mourn for the Imam.One of the ways people in some cities and countries would perform the mourning for the Imam and ...
  • What acts eliminate major sins?
    4964 Practical
    The sins that people commit are not all alike in terms of their greatness and the forgiveness of different sins depends on the kind of sin that has been committed. Some sins can be forgiven by only saying astaghfurullah once while others may require more effort. We must ...
  • Which animals and insects have been named in the Quran?
    50864 Exegesis
    Approximately 35 animals have been named in the Quran; the birds and insects of which are:Salwa (سلوی)=The quail (Baqarah:57), Ba’uth (بعوض)=Mosquito (Baqarah:26), Dhubab (ذباب)=Fly (Hajj:73), Nahl (نحل)=Honeybee (Nahl:68), Ankabut (عنکبوت)=Spider (Ankabut:41), Jarad (جراد)=Grasshopper (A’raf:133), HudHud (هدهد)=Hoopoe (Naml:20), Ghurab (غراب)=Crow (Ma’idah:31), Ababil (ابابیل)= probably ‘Swallow’ (Fil:3), Naml (نمل)=Ant ...
  • Did Imam Husein (as) have a son named 'Abdullah', thus being called Aba Abdillah?
    11254 تاريخ بزرگان
    Some sources have mentioned that the Imam's surname (Aba Abdellah) is because of the name of his infant child named Abdullah that was only six months old and was martyred in Karbala.[1] There is of course a different viewpoint that such nicknames were used even ...
  • What are the etiquettes and traditions of the month of Rmadhan?
    4140 روزه و رمضان
    The holy month of Ramadhan and fasting in this month have certain etiquettes, manners and conditions some of which are as follows: 1. Sighting the moon: One of the conditions of the month of Ramadhan is that the crescent of this month should be ascertained and sighted.