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Questions Archive (Thematic Category:آفرینش انسان و جهان)

آفرینش انسان و جهان

Random questions

  • What is the tafsir (interpretation) of Surah At-Tin?
    14165 Exegesis
    In Sura At-Tin, God swears by four things whereupon He says that He created man in the best mould or stature. However, the same man [insane] who enjoys all the blessings and capacities is reduced to the lowest of the low. The only way out for him ...
  • Does God, the Exalted, forgive an adulterer?
    4430 Practical
    Dear User, God, the Compassionate and the Merciful, has promised to forgive all the sins of the penitent, even the sin of associating with Him a partner.[1] It is necessary to note that repentance from adultery or fornication is not ...
  • Does asking about Islamic rulings require any expertise?
    3944 Practical
    The knowing and learning of Islamic rulings and teachings is classified into different degrees and categories depending on its depth and how substantial it is:1- A simple and minimal understanding and familiarity; like learning Islamic rulings and traditions and its practical, ...
  • What is sex change?
    5647 احکام تغییر جنسیت
    Although dictionaries do not provide a definition for "sex change", it means any change and transformation in a male, female or genderless in such a way that the current state is different from the previous one. Medically speaking, sex change is different from "genetic modification" ...
  • Why have the Shia gone astray?
    5560 Traditional
    In order to answer this question, a few points need to be made:1- If what you mean by “Shia” are the wrong and unacceptable acts that some Shia do, it is unfair to relate these wrong acts to the entire Shia school of thought; that is because Islam ...
  • Philosophers say that evil cannot come from God, while verse 8 of surah Shams proves the exact opposite; is this paradox resolvable?
    5180 Islamic Philosophy
    The only thing verse 8 of surah Shams mentions is that God’s “do’s and don’ts” have been transmitted to the people and they, using their minds and conscience they have been endowed with by Allah, can easily distinguish between vice and virtue. Therefore, this verse isn't saying ...
  • How should one resist the temptation to commit sins?
    6588 Practical
    The temptation to commit a sin is a disease like the sin itself. Like all other diseases, protection against this sin involves two stages e.g. prevention and cure. When it comes to the prevention stage, it should be noted that a person can eradicate all those things that may ...
  • What are the main characteristics of Islam and Prophet Muhammad (S) that make them superior to other religions and other prophets respectively?
    11097 Traditional
    Islam has two special and distinctive features in the light of which the need for prophethood ceases to exist and there is no room for another prophethood:1. Islam is the last religion; it is the most perfect religion in the sense that it features all things should have been ...
  • In Islam can we confess our sins to another person?
    21570 Theoretical
    In the religion of Islam nobody has the permission to disclose their sins (small or big) and unveil their secrets to anybody. The reason why is, to begin with, man’s honor and respect is so valued and significant he should only confess to his lord ...
  • What does it mean to say that divine attributes are the same as the essence?
    5348 پروردگار. نامها و ویژگی ها
    One of the important theological, mystical, exegetical and philosophical discussions revolves around unity of attribute and the essence or name and the named. Since the point of dispute is not completely clear, often inconclusive and fruitless disputes and debates have taken place over this issue. Those who, ...