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Random questions

  • Why is the dog a najis animal in Islam?
    13854 Philosophy of Religion and Law
    One of the fundamental teachings of Islam is that all legal rulings are based on the real benefits and harms behind them. If there were no benefits or harms, there would be no commands nor prohibitions, and no ruling regarding the najasah and taharah of things in religion.
  • If a person sings among some people dancing, will this singing be an instance of ghina?
    3233 Laws and Jurisprudence
    Ghina denotes a kind of singing accompanied by vocal undulation and tarab (rapture) so that it is suitable for gatherings of lahw and sin – it is haram and both singing and listening to it is haram.[1]According ...
  • Is Abu Hamzah Thumali (Somali) from the country of Somalia?
    3632 تاريخ بزرگان
    Thabit bin Dinar better known as “Abu Hamzah Thumali” is one of the great Shia narrators and a contemporary of several infallible Imams (A.S.). His title “Thumali” is pronounced somehow like “Somali” but there is no connection between this narrator and Somalia and there are different reasons ...
  • What is the importance and philosophy of mourning for Imam Hussein (a.s.)?
    7406 Traditional
    In order for us to understand the significance and philosophy of mourning for Imam Hussein (a.s.), it is necessary to take notice of the following points:1. The Holy Quran (a.s.) has emphasized through many different verses on maintaining and reviving lofty ...
  • Who became prophets in their childhood?
    4155 پیامبران و کتابهای آسمانی
    Following a research in the verses of the Holy Quran and sayings of the Infallibles (A.S) about the prophetic mission of the prophets, we came t the conclusion that only two prophets were appointed as prophets in their childhood and God granted them knowledge, wisdom and books.
  • Is there any narration in which the reappearance of the Imam of Time (atf) may have been promised following the death of a king called Abdullah?
    3804 Contextual study
    As you have rightly mentioned in your message to us, there is hadith narrated by Abu Basir from Imam Sadiq (a.s) in which the disintegration of a dynasty following the death of an individual called "Abdullah" has been prophesied and there is also a glad-tiding ...
  • Is it forbidden to use insect repellants with fragrance whilst in the state of Ihram?
    2715 احرام
    1. Basically killing insects is not allowed while a person is in the state of Ihram except for when it is insidious and dangerous. 2. It is not permissible to use deodorants or fragrance nor is it permissible to smell such things. There is no problem in ...
  • What is the Mus’haf of Fatimah? Did the prophet and his household know about this book?
    4821 Traditional
    The Mus’haf of Fatimah is the name of a book that was written by Imam Ali during Lady Fatimah's lifetime. The content of this book was communicated to Lady Fatimah through the special angel Gabriel. This book consists of future prophecies, the secrets of the Prophet's household and ...
  • Can you please list the different rulings regarding dogs and cats?
    7061 Laws and Jurisprudence
    First of all salams and thank you for referring to this website to get the answers to your questions.The first thing that must be noted is that being tamed and trained have no affect on the rulings regarding these animals. The ...
  • Who is Dhul-Qarnayn?
    12043 تاريخ بزرگان
    The name “Dhul-Qarnayn” has been mentioned in surah Kahf.As for who exactly Dhul-Qarnayn was in history, there are differences of opinion amongst historians and commentators of the Quran.Yet, taking into consideration the attributes of Dhul-Qarnayn that the Quran has mentioned, one can ...