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Questions Archive (Thematic Category:دلائل عقلی و نقلی معاد)

دلائل عقلی و نقلی معاد

Random questions

  • What is the mission of the Ahlul-Bait?
    4240 Traditional
                The greatness of the Prophet’s (s) Ahlul-Bait, the five people of the cloak – namely Prophet Muhammad (s), Hazrat ‘Alī, Fātimah, Hassan, and Hussayn (a), have been mentioned in many traditions related by Shia and Sunni narrators alike. The reason that the Prophet (s) emphasized these people’s ...
  • Please mention a verse of the Quran or a tradition that proves ijtihād?
    3745 Laws and Jurisprudence
    Ijtihād as a jurisprudential term means a scholastic effort in order to derive a religious ruling from the sources (Quran, traditions, and intellect) – this has been emphasized and advised in the Quran and in traditions from the pure Imāms. Allah, in ...
  • Is it a must that the trousers must not pass the ankle?
    3613 فضایل اخلاقی
    There is a chapter in Kulayni’s Al-Kafi titled “Tashmir al-Theyab” in which it has been pointed out that it is preferred that the clothe a person wears should not be so long to be dragged on earth. However, despite that, we must not neglect the elements ...
  • What is Nafaqah?
    7332 گوناگون
    ‘Nafaqah’ is a jurisprudential term used for women, kin (relatives) and property. It is predominantly used for women/wives and denotes the financial support that is obligatory upon men (when certain conditions are met) to provide for their spouses.[1] The Nafaqah usually covers the wife’s ...
  • Were the heavens and the earth created in six days or eight days?
    4856 Quranic Studies
    God, the Glorified, has used the word 'qaddara' (measure) for sustenance and the term 'khalaqa' (created) for the heavens and the earth. That is, within these four days, sustenance needed for life on earth was measured, not created. With this explanation the confusion concerning the creation of ...
  • How can the contradiction between Islam and Christianity about God having a son be resolved?
    4897 Traditional
    Based on what has been stated in surah Tawhid, the Muslims believe God to neither have begat a son, nor been begotten himself. All monotheistic religions also hold this same belief, with Christianity being no exception. The reason being that all divine religions are based on man’s ...
  • Which of the prophets are still alive?
    Dear User, Allamah Tabatabai (RA) interpreting the verse 65 of Surah al-Kahf (Then they found one from among Our servants whom We had granted mercy from Us and whom We had taught knowledge from Ourselves[1]) appertained to Prophet Moses (AS) and Prophet Khidr (AS) quotes narrations ...
  • Can a woman refuse to comply with her husband’s request for sexual intercourse?
    4661 Laws and Jurisprudence
    This question doesn’t have a brief answer. Please click on the detailed answer. ...
  • Is it recorded in history that Prophet Abraham (AS) and his wife Sara were brother and sister to each other?
    5451 بیشتر بدانیم
    It has not stated in the main authentic Shia sources that Abraham (AS) and Sara were brother and sister to each other. Indeed, it has been reported in some Sunni sources and then in some Shia books that when Nimrud threw Abraham into the fire due to ...
  • Why was a Quranic verse sent down giving the Prophet (pbuh) permission not to respect his wives' turns?
    5226 Traditional
    Based on what is inferred from religious sources, the marriages of the Holy Prophet (pbuh) have been on account of certain cultural, emotional, political, social and religious expediencies. Considering that the Prophet was faced with many government-related problems and some of his ...