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معاد جسمانی و روحانی

Random questions

  • What is religion?
    6327 Philosophy of Religion
    Many different viewpoints and details have been presented regarding the explanation of religion by Westerners. In the holy Quran, the word “din” (religion) has been used for two meanings: 1- Any type of belief in an unseen power, regardless of whether such a belief is right or not: ...
  • Why did Imam Ali (as) say nothing when Lady Fatimah (as) was bothered and offended?
    6539 History of Fiqh
    There is no contradiction between Imam Ali (as) not defending Lady Fatimah (as) and her being offended and oppressed and between his courage and strength and being there when it all took place. The reason is that in such a situation, Imam Ali (as) had only two choices; ...
  • Is infallibility based on predestination or free will?
    4268 Philosophy of Religion
    This question doesn’t have a brief answer. Please click on the detailed answer. ...
  • Why is it forbidden for men and women to use utensils and dishes made of gold?
    3489 Philosophy of Religion and Law
    There are secrets and hidden wisdom in the Islamic laws even though we may not be able to discover them. Generally speaking, no law has been enacted without a reason or logic. God, the Wise and All-Knowing, does not command humankind to do an act unless there is a reason ...
  • What is the relationship between the formation of the government of the Prophet (s) with the inner God seeking nature of human beings?
    4195 System
    From our perspective, the formation of the government of the Prophet (s) was in reality a divine matter. Furthermore, the matter of governance permeates into every aspect of human life. Imam Baqir (a) is narrated to have said: (...وَ لَمْ یُنَادَ بِشَیْ‏ءٍ کَمَا نُودِیَ بِالْوَلَایَ
  • Are we forbidden to go to a somewhere that divine punishment has taken place?
    3150 Traditional
    We have not come across a hadith in Islamic resources which forbids us from going to a location where divine punishment has taken place, although, there is a hadith in which Imam Ali (as) states: “It is not permissible for a prophet or the ...
  • Can you please give me a hadith about the limits of hijab for a woman?
    9587 Laws and Jurisprudence
              In ayah 31 of sura Nur, and in many traditions, the limitations of hijab have been made this ayah Allah states: And tell the faithful women to cast down their looks and to guard their private parts, ...
  • What are the different kinds of murder? Please, explain in detail.
    15737 Laws and Jurisprudence
    Murder can be studied and classified into different categories from different perspectives which we shall mention as under:1. Justified and unjustified murder;2. Time of murder;3. Murder through implementation of capital punishment such execution, hanging, stoning and various other kinds of carrying out death ...
  • What must be said during the temporary marriage and what are its terms and conditions?
    9876 Laws and Jurisprudence
    In order to carry out a temporary (concubine) marriage contract, a number of prerequisites ought to be executed: (i)                   the contract's formula ought to be read out. Consent (from the man and woman involved), alone, does not suffice; such a consent, moreover, must be ...
  • Why should religion interfere in politics?
    4313 Laws and Jurisprudence
    The theory of the separation of religion from politics is a viewpoint that supports marginalizing religion from different fields of human life. According to this viewpoint, man is able to discover the true rules to culture, politics, judgment, economy, commerce, manners, social relationships, etc., and legislate them with ...