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Random questions

  • Do all the clerics say that smoking is forbidden?
    5273 Laws and Jurisprudence
    This question does not have a Brief Answer. Click "continue" to view Detailed Answer. ...
  • What is philosophy? Why is it bad?
    5896 Contextual study
    As for your question about the alleged hadith, we should say that we looked for it in our hadith collections but we did not find it. As for the definition of philosophy, it has been defined in a number of different ways, and in one ...
  • Are there any guidelines in the Islamic sources about fashion and clothing?
    4238 لباس ها و پوشش ها
    Although Islam lays great emphasis on spiritual modesty of human beings (clothing of piety), the outward clothing is also a bounty which God, the Exalted, has bestowed exclusively upon human beings out of various beings. For this reason, Islam attaches significant importance to it and it deals ...
  • What does Fana mean in Irfan (Mysticism)?
    5669 Theoretical
    Fana’ is an Arabic word and literally means non existence and being annihilated. In the words of the Urafa’, it means for a servant to utterly abide in Allah in a way that the humanistic aspect of the servant fades away in the ...
  • Are there laws in heaven? If so, what kind?
    6379 Traditional
    This question does not have a Brief Answer. Click "continue" to view Detailed Answer. ...
  • Please explain what intercession (Shafa’ah) is.
    7398 Traditional
    Shafa’ah literally denotes the pairing of two things and is commonly used for when a respected person intercedes with a high rank and the like for one who has committed a crime of some sort, asking for his forgiveness, or for him to increase the reward for a ...
  • Is the network marketing of Tahitian Noni juice permissible?
    4699 Laws and Jurisprudence
    If your question is about the ruling on marketing this drink as a result of it being halal or haram itself, this is the answer the maraje’ have given to your inquiry:The office of the Grand Ayatullah Khamenei:It is permissible per se.The office of the Grand Ayatullah ...
  • What are the conditions for one to be considered Muslim or a believer?
    6746 Laws and Jurisprudence
    Islam and Iman or faith (which are two terms referring to two different things) have different levels and degrees. The first degree, which is referred to as “Islam”, can be reached when one says the shahadatain (the two statements of “There is no God ...
  • Can Buddhism be considered a divine faith?
    4891 Traditional
    Some believe Buddha to be a divine prophet who had acquired the fundamentals of his religion through revelation. This theory seems to be acceptable for two reasons (although the faith underwent major alteration later):1- Considering ancient Buddhist teachings: The work history ...
  • What is the history of Ibadiyya and where do the Ibadies live?
    8301 شیعه و دیگر مذاهب
    The Ibadi movement linked to Abdullah bin Ibadh is a group of moderate Kharijites and the dominant sect in Oman and north Africa. However, Ibadis deny anything more than a passing relation to the Khawarij and point out that they merely developed out of the same precursor ...