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  • What are the secrets and philosophy of prayer in Shiism?
    3699 Philosophy of Religion and Law 2012/01/15
    Without doubt every divine ruling has its philosophy and reason(s), but we do not have to investigate every ruling and find its philosophy. A true Muslim must surrender before the message of revelation. This character of submission and acceptance creates perfection in ...
  • Please explain for me the procedure of acquiring education in the Islamic Seminary (Hawzah) and in its stages?
    3810 The infallibles 2011/02/14
    To deal with all the questions in your message at length will definitely take a long time. However, a general answer to your question would be as follows: Acquiring education in all disciplines and fields is very important as it helps a person achieve perfection. If ...
  • What is the ruling on working in places in which the income there is mostly haram?
    3874 Laws and Jurisprudence 2010/09/09
    This question doesn’t have a brief answer. Please click on the detailed answer. ...
  • What are the ways through which one may get rid of lusts?
    3409 Practical 2011/08/04
    Sins are like an ill-smelling putrid bog. The deeper a person gets into it the less he feels its disgusting smell because his smelling taste ceases to function. However, a person's firm decision to discontinue this path is by itself a victory. One who has achieved victory ...
  • Is Fadak Sermon of Lady Fatima Zahra in Muhammad bin Jarir Tabari’s ‘Dalael al-Imamah’ authentic?
    5808 Contextual study 2013/08/12
    In Mohammad bin Jarir Tabari’s Dalael al-Imamah different chains of transmission have been mentioned for Hazrat Fatima Zahra’s Fadak Sermon. This sermon has been narrated in various books authored by early Muslim scholars. The sermon is so famous and widely known that it is impossible to refute ...
  • Which Imam is the Sayyids' great grandfather?
    2978 Laws and Jurisprudence 2011/02/12
    ثWe need to mention that in order for you to know about someone's ancestors, it is necessary to refer to genealogists as we have no knowledge or specialization in this regard.To give a short and general answer to your question, what is known is that the Razavi Sayyids are ...
  • What are the conditions of divorce?
    3902 Laws and Jurisprudence 2012/01/11
    If you were interested in living with your husband, you should have made every effort to save the marriage. In fact, you could have done something to draw your in-laws' attention and make your husband love you. If you think you made every necessary effort, you should never think that ...
  • Doesn’t the occultation of the twelfth imam undermine the whole concept of "imamate"?
    3665 Traditional 2009/05/06
    Since the question is vague and general, without specifying which dimension of the concept of imamate the occultation of Imam Mahdi (aj) contradicts, we will have to list some of the imam's major responsibilities and see if there actually is any contradiction or not.Imamate, which is the continuation ...
  • Is the Imam of Time (atf) present at all places even in non-Islamic (Jewish) countries?
    3502 Traditional 2010/12/09
    It is not possible from a rational and logical perspective to attain ultimate perfection without divine guidance. God, the Exalted, has sent His proofs to mankind to guide them in the right path in the best possible manner. The prophets and imams have been and are able ...
  • What is the way of preventing Ehtelam (having wet dream) during sleep?
    10288 Laws and Jurisprudence 2015/01/05
    According to Islamic teachings and experience of others, for decreasing concupiscence and preventing Jinabat, please refer to the following recommendations: 1. Avoid dreaming and try to make yourself busy with good things such as reading books (non-sexual ones), heavy exercise, etc. Moreover, remember that idleness can lead ...