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Random questions

  • Is it permissible to follow a Sunni prayer leader in a congregational prayer?
    3152 گوناگون
    There is no problem in attending Sunni congregational prayers; it is permissible and there are some reports according to which one who stands in the first row of their congregational prayers is like one who has offered his prayers standing behind the Holy Prophet (S) in the ...
  • How does Satan influence our thoughts?
    7502 Traditional
    Before we can investigate the influence of Satan on our thoughts, we must gain an understanding of who Satan is. Lexicographers differ over the linguistic root of the word shaytan (satan). The strongest opinion states that it comes from “shatana” meaning “to ...
  • What is your opinion regarding Darwin\'s evolution theory?
    4552 آفرینش انسان و جهان
    There are two theories among biologists regarding the creation of living beings including plants and animals. A) Transformism: The doctrine that living organisms have evolved from previously existing forms of unicellular beings that existed in oceans or in the mud deep underwater. This change is also called ...
  • Can I buy shares of a bank that does not practice the Islamic banking system?
    3685 Laws and Jurisprudence
    We asked your question from the office of different scholars and marja’s, and two of them have answered till now:The office of Ayatullah Khamenei:You can't.The office of Ayatullah Makarem Shirazi:It isn’t permissible.We will let you know as soon as we get a reply from the rest of the ...
  • What is the ruling on not knowing how many days one has to make up for his fasts?
    4732 قضای روزه و کفارات
    1- If one is not sure whether or not he has missed prayers, he does not have to make up for any.[1] However, if he is sure that he has missed prayers, but he is not sure how many he has (and cannot guess either), ...
  • What does Islam say about sound relationships between boys and girls?
    8968 گوناگون
    According to Islam, the male and female complement each other and God, the All-Kind, has created them fore each other. One of the needs they have, are sexual ones. Fulfilling these needs must be within the boundaries and guidelines of Islam so that chastity and modesty are ...
  • Is it necessary to get permission before eating something from its owner?
    3745 Laws and Jurisprudence
    According to Islam, it is clear that in addition to one’s food being halal (religiously edible) and pure (not najis), it also needs to be mubah, meaning that its owner must be happy and content with you eating it and that you have to ...
  • What is the meaning of verse 61 and 62 in Surah Al Waqiyah
    7945 معاد و قیامت
    The verses 61 to 62 of Surah al-Waqe'ah make reference to the reason behind death and how it is ordained for man. In these verses, God says: Death is a truth ordained by Him, it is not an essential part of a living creature; rather it is ...
  • What are the proofs behind the faith of Abu Talib?
    7571 تاريخ بزرگان
    Abu Talib, the father of Imam Ali (a) is among the many individuals who have been persecuted through distortions and alterations in the books of history. The only reason for this persecution is that he was the father of Imam Ali Ibn Abi Talib (a), ...
  • What is the correct explanation of ‘burhan al-siddiqin’ (proof of the veracious)?
    5931 برهان صدیقین
    The common point among various explanations and accounts presented by different scholars regarding the proof the veracious is that all those who have presented their arguments have, somehow, endeavored to demonstrate the existence of the Necessary Being by means of the reality of existence. As for the ...