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Random questions

  • Are Abbas Bin Abdul Muttalib and his children unbelievers from the Shia perspective?
    11169 Exalted scholars
    Abbas bin Abdul Muttalib was the respected uncle of the Holy Prophet (s). While he is not considered as part of the ‘Ahlul Bait’ he is one of those who are given special respect by the Shias. For example alongside with the ‘Ziarat’ that the Shias do for ...
  • What is Musharakah?
    3717 Laws and Jurisprudence
    In Islamic fiqh, the term musharakah is used for two meanings:1- For two or more people to have a joint ownership regarding anything that can be owned (let it be wealth, assets or even a right). One of the binding rulings regarding this type of ownership ...
  • Is it permissible to talk ill of a person who has done bad to others and destroyed their lives?
    3240 Practical
    1. As for the definition of backbiting, we advise you to read Question 714 (site: 756) to know the conditions of backbiting and their exceptions.2. If the person in question is really hurting others, spoiling their lives and doing bad to them ...
  • Can a major sin be forgiven?
    6252 Practical
    A major sin is one that being punished in hell is promised to its committer in the Quran or ahadith. (There are also other criteria for a sin being a major one). Also minor sins turn into major sins when committed repeatedly (when insisted on ...
  • Is an Imam’s status greater than that of a prophet’s?
    14051 Traditional
    The superiority of the Imams in comparison to the prophets is mentioned in many hadiths and the reason to it is the oneness of the inner light of the prophet of Islam and the Imams. Since the prophet is greater than other prophets, the ...
  • Is it permissible to slaughter an animal via machine?
    3317 Laws and Jurisprudence
    This is the response of Ayatullah Mahdi Hadavi Tehrani (may Allah prolong his life):All three methods, given that all other conditions (such as the animal facing the Qiblah) are met, will result in the meat of the animal being halal.  ...
  • Did the Holy Prophet (pbuh) prostrate on the Turbat of Karbalah?
    7523 فضائل و مناقب
    According to Shia jurisprudence, firstly, Sajda should be performed on earth, and on those things which are not edible nor worn, and on things which grow from earth (e.g. wood and leaves of trees). The Holy Prophet (pbuh) also performed Sajda on soil and other things which ...
  • Can people have contact with Jinns?
    8116 Traditional
    The Holy Quran has confirmed the existence of Jinns and has attributed the following characteristics to them:1.     Jinns are creatures that are made of fire; this is while humans were created ...
  • I have heard that the bodies of some martyrs from the Iraq and Iran war are still intact and did not decompose, are these reports reliable?
    6193 Traditional
    Looking at the issue from one angle, since the bodies of living things have been created in a way that once the soul leaves the body, in accordance to the laws of nature, the body begins to smell, rot and eventually decomposes completely. Obviously, with this in mind ...
  • Is questioning pervasive and all-encompassing? What does questioning of prophets mean?
    2322 دلائل عقلی و نقلی معاد
    An important issue discussed in religious texts in connection with the Day of Resurrection is the subject of questioning on this very day. What is actually inferred from Quranic verses and prophetic traditions is that the questioning is pervasive and it is there for everyone; it is ...