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  • Please mention a verse of the Quran or a tradition that proves ijtihād?
    4125 Laws and Jurisprudence
    Ijtihād as a jurisprudential term means a scholastic effort in order to derive a religious ruling from the sources (Quran, traditions, and intellect) – this has been emphasized and advised in the Quran and in traditions from the pure Imāms. Allah, in ...
  • What is meant by inner rules in regards to recite the Holy Quran?
    5164 فضایل اخلاقی
    Since the Holy Quran is Allah's words and the Prophet of Islam's (P.B.U.H) miracle, Muslims show the special respect to it even at the advent of Islam. According to the verses of Quran, recommendations and narrations of the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H), Muslims have been observing some special ...
  • Do Shia Muslims not go to Hell?
    11235 جبر یا اختیار و عدالت پروردگار
    The fact that some people are held responsible for their deeds and subjected to punishment in Hell and some are endowed with blessings and bounties is based on a principle which Allah has pointed out in some of the Quranic verses. God, the Almighty, rejects all kinds ...
  • What is the Islamic law regarding anal intercourse? Is there any objection in it?
    10222 موارد غیر متعارف
    Since different jurists have different verdicts in this regard, you should act according to the fatwa (verdict) of the Mujtahid (jurist) whom you follow. For your information, we will now mention the verdicts of some of the religious authorities (jurists) as follows. 1) Some of ...
  • What is the concept of riba (interest) in Islam?
    1503 قرض الحسنه و ربا
    What is the concept of riba (interest)in Islam? What is the difference between usury and sale which makes the first unlawful and the other lawful and permissible? Answer: The term ‘riba’ is used in two different meanings: Interest bearing loan Interest bearing transaction
  • Why is there not one source of emulation and one Resalah (Manual of Islamic Laws) keeping in view the fact that Islam is not but one faith?
    4550 نقش اندیشمندان دینی
    According to Islam, Ijtihad[i] is a necessity and the only way through which Islam, the real religion, can survive over the history and ages. Shiite jurisprudents and religious authorities differ on the details of secondary issues, not on the fundamentals of faith, tenets of ...
  • What are the sources for derivation and issuance of legal verdicts?
    2013 بیشتر بدانیم
    Ijtihad literally means "to endeavor, strive, put oneself out, work hard." In Islamic legal terminology it is defined as the total expenditure of effort by a mujtahid, in order to infer, with a high degree of probability, the rules of Shari’ah from the detailed evidence that is ...
  • How old was Imam Ali (AS) on the day of Ghadir?
    4445 غدیر خم
    The event of Ghadir took place on the tenth of the hegira year but there are different views about Imam Ali's date of birth. However, if we are to determine the Imam's date of birth, it depends on which report is considered to be stronger and more ...
  • We found the dead body of a lady in the desert, how can we find out if she was Muslim or not?
    6264 Laws and Jurisprudence
    Burying the body of a Muslim is upon all Muslims, but if some do it, the rest will be exempt.[1] If a body has signs of being Muslim, it should be buried as a Muslim, but if there are no signs of it being Muslim, ...
  • What is the reasoning of secularists in seeking the separation of religion and politics?
    3924 Laws and Jurisprudence
    By responding to the arguments of people who claim that politics is separate from religion, it will be proven that this cannot be the case and that religion is part and parcel of politics. To those who say that the essence of politics and the essence of religion ...