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Random questions

  • Who were the Ansar?
    7050 تاريخ بزرگان
    Ansar is the plural form of Naser from the root of Nasr, and means people who help and aid. In the advent of Islam, the residents of Medinah and its outskirts, especially the members of the two tribes of the Aws and Khazraj were called the Ansar, because ...
  • Is it permissible to change a lavatory into a mosque?
    3834 احکام مساجد و مکانهای مقدس
    If the land of a lavatory has not been endowed to be used as toilet, it is permissible to annex it to the mosque to be used by people who come to offer their prayers in the mosque. However, if it is used endowed to be used ...
  • What kind of a book is the Quran?
    5613 شیعه و قرآن
    The Holy Quran is a heavenly book revealed for the guidance of mankind. It was sent down on the heart of the Last of Prophets, Muhammad b. Abdullah, peace be upon him and his descendants. The Quran, which is the eternal miracle of the Prophet of Islam ...
  • Is it permissible for a woman to dance in a wedding?
    5862 Laws and Jurisprudence
    There is no doubt that it is forbidden for a woman to dance for men.[1] As for a woman's dancing for women in parties or weddings which are not likely to be frequented by men, the opinions of the grand jurists are as ...
  • Can Satan and angels know our thoughts or only Allah knows them?
    12036 فرشتگان
    Knowledge of the unseen is prerogative of God. None other than God has knowledge of the unseen independently of God. However, every existent that has been allowed by God to have knowledge of the unseen can read our mind and can see the unseen. In other words, ...
  • Do eyebrow tattoos invalidate wudhu?
    5828 Laws and Jurisprudence
    The following answers have been received from the offices of grand jurists: Office of Grand Ayatollah Khamenei (may Allah grant you long life): If it forms obstruction for water preventing it from reaching skin during Wudhu or Ghusl, it ...
  • Is it permissible to trade wild animals to be used for a zoo or for other entertainments?
    4620 نگهداری و شکار حیوانات
    Such matters have something to do with the law of the country or place where you are living. If there is no legal restriction in this regard and there is also a rational benefit in trading wild animals, there would be no problem. Appendices: ...
  • What is absolute existence? What is indeterminate existence?
    7383 Islamic Philosophy
    Absolute existence has different meanings and usages; sometimes it means ‘unconditional’; that there is no condition limiting it, not even the condition of absoluteness (one of its conditions isn't absoluteness). Sometimes, this isn't the case, and although it is absolute, it is still limited to the condition of ...
  • How can one create harmony between religion and science?
    5748 Philosophy of Religion
    Those who consider religion and science as two separate ways aren’t truly familiar with divine religions particularly Islam and haven’t paid attention to the fact that the two are of completely different responsibilities that have nothing in common.Religion is of three parts; man’s relationship with himself, man’s relationship ...
  • In the Quran, we can see that the general propositions of prayer have been outlined, but nothing of Imamate can be witnessed, is it possible to point out a section of the Quran as reference for Imamate?
    5591 Traditional
    Numerous verses in the Quran have addressed the issue of Imamate. Allameh Hilli (ra) and Allameh Majlisi have explicitly listed these verses in Alfain and Bihar al-Anwar. Examples of these ayahs are: Ayah of Tabligh, Ayah of Wilayah, Ayah of Ulul Amr and Ayah of Sadeqeen. ...