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تاريخ بزرگان

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  • What is the most important message of Surah al-Masadd?
    5965 Exegesis
    The most important message of this Surah (chapter) can be explain in such a way that wealthy, position and family relationship with prophets cannot protect an individual from God’s wrath or fury. Abu Lahab is an example in this chapter of the Quran. He is one of ...
  • What does it mean to choose one’s death from the perspective of the Holy Quran and traditions?
    9577 Practical
    It is possible to say that the original source of the term ‘death by choice’ or ‘voluntary death’, which is used in Islamic Irfan (gnosis), first came up in this tradition from the Holy Prophet (s) where he said: "موتوا قبل ان تموتوا"[i], ...
  • Are Abbas Bin Abdul Muttalib and his children unbelievers from the Shia perspective?
    11744 Exalted scholars
    Abbas bin Abdul Muttalib was the respected uncle of the Holy Prophet (s). While he is not considered as part of the ‘Ahlul Bait’ he is one of those who are given special respect by the Shias. For example alongside with the ‘Ziarat’ that the Shias do for ...
  • What are the conditions for one to be considered Muslim or a believer?
    7150 Laws and Jurisprudence
    Islam and Iman or faith (which are two terms referring to two different things) have different levels and degrees. The first degree, which is referred to as “Islam”, can be reached when one says the shahadatain (the two statements of “There is no God ...
  • What is the measure to choosing individuals as prophets and aimah among others?
    4288 Traditional
    Based on the reasons for general prophethood, God chose a group of individuals from the human race as paradigms and representatives to guide mankind.Even though the innate potential to be God’s representative has been instilled in every human, it does not actualize in every case; only a few ...
  • What are the ways through which one can protect himself against the evil eye?
    17909 Exegesis
    It begins when the person likes something, then his evil soul dwells on the matter, and by continually looking at the person who has the thing of which he feels jealous, he directs his spell towards him.Late Shaykh Abbas Qummi (may Allah bless him) has recommended the ...
  • What is Islam’s view on dinosaurs?
    20422 Exegesis
                The Quran is a book of guidance and everything which supports this goal [of guidance] has been mentioned in this Holy Book. The method used in expressing matters is: focusing on the general aspects and less on the details and particulars, ...
  • Is there any problem in sweeping and cleaning one”s house at night?
    43200 Hadith
    1. Having conducted a research into Hadith (scriptural) sources, we found out that the narrations about cleaning, dusting and sweeping a house are absolute and unrestricted in the sense that they include both day and night. There is nothing to indicate that dusting and cleaning are forbidden ...
  • What should a single person, who marriage is difficult for, and has committed masturbation do?
    5268 Laws and Jurisprudence
    Masturbation is haram (forbidden); this prohibition extends to all people and no-one is allowed to offer any type of excuse for committing such a sin. Those who experience difficulty in executing a canonical marriage contract, ought to weaken their sexual appetite and inhibit all predisposing factors to masturbate by means ...
  • Why is it not permissible for girls to shape their eyebrows?
    3793 Laws and Jurisprudence
    The ruling of the grand jurists about girls removing or shaping their eyebrows is as follows:All grand jurists: There is no problem in it per se (although it is not befitting of girls to do so), and in case they shape their eyebrows, they should cover ...