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Questions Archive (Thematic Category:معیار شناسی (دین و اخلاق))

معیار شناسی (دین و اخلاق)

Random questions

  • Where and when did Maryam and Asiya die and where is their burial location?
    27178 تاريخ بزرگان
    When Pharaoh learned that Asiyah, his wife, had embraced Moses' religion, he told her persistently to give up his religion and abandon his God but she never surrendered herself to Pharaoh's demand. Finally, Pharaoh ordered his men to tie her up under the scorching sun and put a ...
  • Can something emerge from nothing?
    4363 پاسخ به شبهات
    Based on philosophical and mystical principles, creating something out of nothing means that the universe and the entire divine attributes are, in the level of divine essence, vanished in God’s essence with no name, accident or distinction or any quality existing. The level of God’s essence, before ...
  • Please provide a hadith on the najasah of the dog and pig.
    7159 Laws and Jurisprudence
    Regarding the najasah of the dog and pig, the hadiths that have reached us can be divided into two categories; ones that contain the term ‘najis’ in them and others that don’t have the exact term but nonetheless necessitate their najasah. In these hadiths, the najasah of the ...
  • How can one cure jealousy?
    4694 Practical
    Jealousy is a low spirit and attitude in its possessor causing him/her to wish for another to lose something he/she has.In order to remedy this problem, the following points are prescribed:1) Thinking about the bad effects it can have on one's spirit, nerves, religion, and hereafter.2) Strengthening ...
  • What are the different types of kafir?
    7521 General Terms
    Generally speaking, kafir can be divided into kafir from jurisprudential viewpoint and kafir from theological viewpoint, each having different types. Kafir from a jurisprudential perspective includes the original kafir, people of the book and murtadd [apostate]. People of the book are either at war with Muslim community ...
  • What is the meaning of ‘moon in the Scorpio’?
    27453 Laws and Jurisprudence
    It has been narrated from Imam Sadiq (a.s.) that he said: “Whoever embarks on a journey or marries when the moon is in the Scorpio (qamar dar aqrab), he will not see any good.” The subject of ‘moon in the Scorpio’ is something according to which fatwas ...
  • What creatures are haram?
    12193 Laws and Jurisprudence
    In general, haram meat creatures are divided into several categories:1. All sea creatures which do not have scales.2. Among land creatures, dogs, pigs, predatory creatures which have sharp teeth and claws and talons, like lions, foxes, rabbits, wolves, elephants, etc. are haram. But all types of ...
  • What is the reason behind Imam of Mahdi's remaining in occultation despite there are Shiite governments in the world?
    7845 Traditional
    The occultation of the Imam of Time (atf) does not mean that the Imam is living a paranormal or different life. For example, he is not living in a cave and the likes of such places. In fact, according to some traditions the Imam ...
  • How can we strengthen the inclination towards worship in our children?
    4149 Practical
    When it comes to encouraging worship and the performance of religious obligations, it is the foundations of one’s thought that need to be analyzed and fixed first. His view of God, the world, man, resurrection, etc., all play a direct and pivotal role in his devotion to ...
  • What is the ruling in regards to buying products that help support the interests of the Zionist regime?
    3532 Laws and Jurisprudence
    Imam Khomeini (ra) and other grand maraji’ have stated:It is obligatory upon each and every Muslim to refrain from buying or using products, that the production and purchasing of bring profit for the Zionist regime, which is currently at war with ...