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فضایل اخلاقی

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  • It is unlikely that Zachariah, the Prophet (AS), might have prayed to God to grant him a child who would inherit him. Hence, why did Lady Fatima Zahra (SA) demand inheritance relying on this verse?
    3562 فدک
    Some of the verses to which Lady Fatima (SA) made reference to prove her right and ownership of Fadak, are related to material inheritance and some others are general and they seem to be more consistent with spiritual inheritance but material inheritance also cannot be excluded. Yet, ...
  • Why is rabbit meat haram?
    30386 Laws and Jurisprudence
    There are hadiths that tell us rabbit meat is haram. Therefore, this is Allah’s (swt) rule on the matter, and we have to follow Allah’s (swt) orders because they are His orders, not because in some cases we might know the some of the many reasons behind them. ...
  • Please provide us with a short biography of Imam Ali al-Ridha (as).
    114 تاريخ بزرگان
  • Are Abbas Bin Abdul Muttalib and his children unbelievers from the Shia perspective?
    12589 Exalted scholars
    Abbas bin Abdul Muttalib was the respected uncle of the Holy Prophet (s). While he is not considered as part of the ‘Ahlul Bait’ he is one of those who are given special respect by the Shias. For example alongside with the ‘Ziarat’ that the Shias do for ...
  • What is Musharakah?
    4229 Laws and Jurisprudence
    In Islamic fiqh, the term musharakah is used for two meanings:1- For two or more people to have a joint ownership regarding anything that can be owned (let it be wealth, assets or even a right). One of the binding rulings regarding this type of ownership ...
  • Do Shiites differentiate between Allah and Imams?
    4988 Traditional
    Like all other schools, Shiite school has been encountering extremist groups that are called by different names such as ghulāt (exaggerators), muqassera and nawasib and which have, in the course of history, created difficulties for Shiites and their Imams. Shiite Imams made continuous efforts to protect Shiites ...
  • How can a person be forgiven for his sins?
    5922 Practical
    There are many ways mentioned below that one can be forgiven and purified from his sins and misdeeds:1- Repenting according to its conditions and returning to Allah. 2- Doing extraordinary good deeds that cause the ...
  • What are the rewards and benefits of wearing rings with valuable stones on them?
    35590 Laws and Jurisprudence
    Wearing a ring of aghigh, firoozah, yaqut and…is permissible for men and according to hadiths, wearing them has thawab and rewards, and wearing them in prayer causes one’s prayers to be of higher virtue and of more rewards, given that the ring isn’t made of gold (for men ...
  • What does Ahl al-Bayt mean?
    7319 Islamic Philosophy
    Ahl al-Bayt is a Quranic, Hadith, and theological term meaning the family of the Noble Prophet of Islam (s). This term, with this meaning has been used in the Quran in the verse of purity (33:33).All Shia commentators of the Quran and many Sunni ones – by using evidence ...
  • Why do they call Prophet Isa “The Spirit of God”?
    22905 Traditional
    Although certain characteristics are shared by different individuals or things and can be found in numerous places, but sometimes for certain reasons, a certain thing or person is identified with that characteristic, despite it not belonging exclusively to it. For ...