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ضرورت وجود امام

Random questions

  • Is it haram for young girls and women to wear perfume?
    7446 Laws and Jurisprudence
    Wearing perfume or cologne isn't haram for any group or gender in Islam. What Islam prohibits is to wear attractive perfume in the presence of non-mahrams in a way that will lead to haram and corruption. According to all of the maraji’, wearing such perfume in public places ...
  • According to Islam is it permissible for women to drive?
    19128 Laws and Jurisprudence
              The ruling for women driving must be derived from other laws and principals; meaning that we do not have a direct ruling on women driving in the Quran or Sunnah, because it is a ...
  • When is it permissible to follow an equally qualified mujtahid?
    3299 تغییر مرجع
    An answer to the foregoing questions by Ayatollah Mahdi Hadavi Tehrani, may Allah grant him long life, is as follows: 1. It is permissible to refer to another equally qualified mujtahid for taqlid and it is obligatory to follow a mujtahid who is the most learned and ...
  • What acts eliminate major sins?
    4657 Practical
    The sins that people commit are not all alike in terms of their greatness and the forgiveness of different sins depends on the kind of sin that has been committed. Some sins can be forgiven by only saying astaghfurullah once while others may require more effort. We must ...
  • Does Islam consider prostrating in respect permissible?
    9031 Exegesis
    According to Islam and the Shia school of thought, prostration is the most complete and beautiful form of worship which solely belongs to Allah (swt) and no other has the right to be prostrated to.As for the prostration of the brothers of Prophet Yusuf, it wasn’t a prostration ...
  • What is the Shia’s opinion on the tribe of Bani Quraidhah?
    4852 تاريخ کلام
    The Bani Quraydhah was a Jewish tribe in residing in Medinah and one of the signatories of a multilateral treaty, living alongside the Muslims. This tribe abided by the terms of the treaty, violating it during the battle of Ahzab by practically becoming one of the forces of ...
  • If a person can conduct a research into some practical religious issues, can he act upon his own method in religious laws?
    4957 Laws and Jurisprudence
    Here are two points that need to be taken into consideration as a brief answer to your question:1)    The science of jurisprudence (ilm al-fiqh), like all other vast sciences, has a number ...
  • What legal reference do we have for Eid Nowruz?
    18605 Contextual study
    This eid is an ancient Persian holiday that was marked and celebrated before the emergence of Islam.There is a hadith from Imam Sadeq (as) in hadith sources regarding Nowruz which the popular vote has verified it to be reliable and therefore they have given the fatwa to the ...
  • I would like to know the viewpoint of the maraje’ on organ donation.
    7093 Laws and Jurisprudence
    These are the responses we received from the offices of the maraje’:The office of the Grand Ayatullah Khamenei:If the organs of the donors are used for the cure of other patients, but quicken their death, it is impermissible, other than that, if the surgery is done with ...
  • What is Islam for?
    4807 Traditional
    Religion is a set of beliefs associated with practical and moral principles delivered to humankind by God's messengers, for the guidance of man and his eternal prosperity and salvation.According to religious teachings, the necessity of religion is rooted in the fitrah (nature) of man. In the holy Quran, ...