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  • Can I offer prayers during my period when the signs of haydh aren’t seen?
    13325 Laws and Jurisprudence
    Paying attention to the upcoming points might help you reach the answer you are looking for:The six types of women in haydh:Mubtadi’ah: A woman who sees blood for the first time in her life.[1]Muztaribah: A woman who has seen blood for a ...
  • Can a gold seller, sell jewelries to those women that he/she knows they use it in front of Non-Mahram?
    3401 خرید و فروش
    What has caused selling to be Haram and corrupted is not upon knowing that woman wear these gold and jewelries in the way of Haram, unless he/she intended the selling that those jewelries should be used in the way of Haram, only. However, it would be permissible ...
  • According to Islam, what is the ruling on a divorce celebration?
    215 طلاق
  • What is our duty during the time of Imam Mahdi’s occultation?
    6233 Traditional
    Our duties during the Imam’s occultation are very much the same duties we have during his presence. One could briefly say that the greatest duty of the Shias during this period is to await Faraj and Imam Mahdi’s government. Awaiting Faraj means to carry out all commands of ...
  • Can anyone other than Allah (swt) be aware of the unseen?
    9227 Traditional
    Gheyb means for something to be hidden from one’s senses, and shahadah means openness and visibility.One thing can be gheyb for a person, while being shahadah for another. It depends on the individual’s existential boundaries and how much of the existential world they cover and encompass ...
  • What are the fundamentals and principles of Islam?
    5136 Traditional
    Literally Islam means “submission” and the religion of Islam is called Islam because it seeks man’s submission to the will of God, the Lord of the worlds. Thus, Islam requires man to surrender himself to the One God and worship none other than Him. In ...
  • How do people undergo metamorphosis, and are animals today people who have gone through metamorphosis in the past?
    9759 Exegesis
    In Arabic, Maskh means for something to change form to an uglier one. In the Quran and Islamic tradition, this term refers to a specific divine punishment which was sent upon the wrongdoers and wrongdoing nations in the past (of course not all wrongdoers, but those who committed ...
  • Why should religion interfere in politics?
    5134 Laws and Jurisprudence
    The theory of the separation of religion from politics is a viewpoint that supports marginalizing religion from different fields of human life. According to this viewpoint, man is able to discover the true rules to culture, politics, judgment, economy, commerce, manners, social relationships, etc., and legislate them with ...
  • What is the ruling on wearing makeup in public?
    6138 Laws and Jurisprudence
    1 & 2 : It is not permissible and there is no difference between the various means employed for beauty or make-up purposes.3 : Assuming laity (urf) deems it as ‘beauty’ (zeenat), it is not permissible. Summary Notes by ‘Porch of Wisdom’Assuming laity regards a given woman as ...
  • What is the meaning of God’s devising?
    4705 Exegesis
    Imam Rida (AS) was asked about the attribution of deceit and ridicule to Allah, which the Quran has mentioned, his excellency replied: “Allah Almighty neither ridicules nor deceives or devises against anyone; what He does is requite ridicule, devising and deceit.” ...