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  • Is Lordship confined to God Almighty?
    6102 پروردگار. نامها و ویژگی ها
    “ربوبیت(Lordship)” is derived from the word “رب (lord)”and is used in the Arabic language for the words owner, possessor and trainer. Given the fact that God is the owner of all existence, the management of this realm will be His responsibility. So, he is the “
  • What is the Islamic law about pictures ascribed to the Imams (a.s.)?
    5453 Laws and Jurisprudence
    What follows are answers given to the above question by the religious authorities (grand jurists):Grand Ayatollah Khamenei (may Allah grant him long life): As per the Islamic law, there is no problem in it by itself provided that it is ...
  • How old will you be in heaven/hell?
    5769 Exegesis
    The change in appearance and outer features as one ages are related to this world, but this isn't the case for the hereafter, especially heaven; people don’t have different appearances and faces there. For example, it is not so that some will be children, some will be middle ...
  • Where are the cities of Jabalqa and Jabarsa located?
    7659 تاريخ بزرگان
    The names of these two cities haven't been related in any of the authentic Shia sources (Kafi, Tahzib, Man La Yahdhuruhul-Faqih, Istibsar), but from the other sources that they have been mentioned in, assuming the reliability of these hadiths, it can be concluded that these two cities are ...
  • Is it permissible to name a village mosque and the only mosque in a village as central mosque?
    2393 احکام مساجد و مکانهای مقدس
    There is no problem in doing so. In case the mosque does not belong to a particular group of people or ethnicity, it would be considered as the central mosque. Index: Some grand religious authorities have responded to this question.[i] Grand Ayatollah Khamenei ...
  • What is the Islamic law concerning eating food with Hindus and eating foodstuffs like crab, different kinds of fish, Indian snack etc.?
    14512 Laws and Jurisprudence
    As per the fatwa of all grand jurists, all non-believers including Hindus are ritually impure. Supreme Leader, grand Ayatollah Khamenei and a few other prominent jurists are of the view that non-Muslims excluding the People of the Book (Christian, Jews, etc.) are impure. Likewise, the animals (sheep, ...
  • What is meant by Sidratul-Muntaha that the Quran has mentioned?
    70846 Exegesis
    This question doesn’t have a brief answer. Please click on the detailed answer. ...
  • What is the meaning behind the concept of Wilayah Takwini and what is its connection with the Infallible Imams (a)?
    10519 Theoretical
    Wilayah in lexicon means the coming of something right after another, without any space existing in between them. This calls for the closeness and nearness of these two to each other. Wilayah has been used to denote love and friendship, victory and assistance, following and submission, as well ...
  • Why did our imams practice polygamy?
    5431 Traditional
    There are many reasons behind marriage; spiritual calmness and tranquility, fulfillment of reproductive needs and desires, having a partner in life and the continuation of generations. Giving shelter and asylum to women without an abode, protecting society from corruption, and the conditions of the ...
  • Is it permissible for me to wear rings made of white gold and silver?
    4382 Laws and Jurisprudence
    According to the verdicts of grand religious authorities, it is not permissible for men to adorn themselves with whatever is called gold irrespective of whether the gold is yellow or red or white. However, it is necessary to note that platinum is not gold; it is a ...