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Questions Archive (Thematic Category:The infallibles)

Random questions

  • Why is it necessary to follow a marja’?
    7385 Laws and Jurisprudence
    Taqlid means for someone who doesn’t have the required expertise in a field that calls for expertise, to go to an expert in that field for help. The most important reason behind the need for taqlid in religious issues is the same simple and comprehendible reason why inexperienced individuals in ...
  • Does the “reception of Muharram” hold any meaning in the Shia school of thought?
    3946 Laws and Jurisprudence
    Holding commemorations and mourning ceremonies for Imam Husein (as) is a tradition established and encouraged by the imams (as).[1] There is no problem in carrying out these ceremonies in any method or format as long as haram acts aren't committed. Therefore, “receiving” Muharram and beginning mourning ...
  • What is the Islamic law regarding anal intercourse? Is there any objection in it?
    10938 موارد غیر متعارف
    Since different jurists have different verdicts in this regard, you should act according to the fatwa (verdict) of the Mujtahid (jurist) whom you follow. For your information, we will now mention the verdicts of some of the religious authorities (jurists) as follows. 1) Some of ...
  • Why is Shia the best religion?
    19531 Traditional
    The superiority of the Shia religion is because of its being the "true" religion and there is only one true religion in all times and ages. As for other religions, they are either invalid and baseless or defunct and abrogated. Today, the true and righteous religion is the religion of ...
  • What is Shirk?
    28364 Traditional
    Literally, shirk means to allocate; technically, in Quranic terminology, shirk – in contrast to hanif – signifies the process of allocating someone/thing as the Almighty Allah’s partner or equal. Hanif means being inclined towards righteousness and moderation; hence, the term has been coined onto those who have disassociated themselves from ...
  • What is the ruling on wearing makeup in public?
    5968 Laws and Jurisprudence
    1 & 2 : It is not permissible and there is no difference between the various means employed for beauty or make-up purposes.3 : Assuming laity (urf) deems it as ‘beauty’ (zeenat), it is not permissible. Summary Notes by ‘Porch of Wisdom’Assuming laity regards a given woman as ...
  • Does touching a religiously unclean substance make one religiously unclean? Does one have to perform ghusl to become clean?
    4745 Laws and Jurisprudence
    Whenever a religiously clean item touches a religiously unclean one and both of them or either one of them is wet enough for the moisture to be transferred to the other item, the religiously clean item would become religiously unclean.[1] To make it ...
  • Why do the Shia consider temporary marriage (sighah/mut’ah) permissible?
    10995 Laws and Jurisprudence
    First of all, we must say that this issue is a fiqhi one, calling for fiqh experts to analyze it in the right place. Here we will mention some points regarding the issue and leave the rest to the detailed answer that is to come.1) Temporary marriage ...
  • Which type of love, out of the many, is correct according to Islam?
    6501 Theoretical
    Philosophers and Gnostics have divided love into various categories; however as a general division they have divided love into two types:1. True love which is the love for Allah, His attributes, and His actions.2. Metaphorical love which is applied to many things. It can ...
  • What is the essence of the Ruh (Soul/Spirit) and why doesn’t the Quran explain much about it?
    17618 Exegesis
    The term "Ruh" has different meanings in different fields of science, referring to a different meaning in each one. In the Quran, this term also has its own special meaning and has been mentioned in different ways.Regarding the verse there are various opinions about ...